New Beginnings for Innsmouth

Please help us to save the Innsmouth SIM in Second Life.

On September 15th, Darmin Darkes, the owner of the Innsmouth-themed Sim announced the following:  “Innsmouth sim is for sale. I’m giving first dibs to you folks in the hopes that someone will want to keep some of the build. Worst case is having to flatten it and sell it. I just can’t afford it any longer. I’m not leaving SL, but I have to cut back my sims. Thank you for your years of support and friendship and the passion you’ve given to Innsmouth. It’s only pixels and I’m sure there are better versions waiting to be built.” — Darmin Darkes

As a result of this notice, a number of Second Lifers have been working together, through a group called, “The Innsmouth Preservation Society,” led by Arik Metzger (arikthered) to help with the upkeep and potentially to purchase this sim, then maintain it.

If you would like to be a part of this important group, please contact Arik Metzger or any member of the group who can invite you.  More updates on our progress will be posted here.

Per Arik Metzger, “All Donors who pay $30 or more… (i.e. a 7,500 linden donation) will receive something unique and new… a limited edition, all mesh Deep One avi, guaranteed to be unlike any seen before… and created by a truly topnotch mesh maker! This deep one avi will be made to a market version, and will have many options for personalization… but, the one for this project is to be unique, and limited to all who help this project.”

Come visit this amazing place and see why we want to save it [Note: you must be logged into Second Life to use this link].